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Lehigh River
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Founder: Ted Miller

President: Matt MacConnell, 610-657-2707

Vice President: Greg Gliwa

Secretary: Open

Treasurer: Tom Gyory

Memberships: Coleen Miller

Advertising Sales: Bill Derhammer, 610-791-5215

Webmaster: Matt MacConnell

Board of Directors
Greg Gliwa
Irv Conway
Bill Derhammer
Tom Gyory
Matt MacConnell
Bob Metz
Colleen Miller

Todd Woodring


Editor, Lehigh River Report: Matt MacConnell

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Lehigh River Hatch Chart
The Hatch



Lehigh River Hatch Chart

Stoneflies - All year = Assorted Sizes, nymphs all year
Black Caddis - April = size #12 to 22
Blue Quill - April = size #18, 20
Quill Gordon - April, May = size #14, 16
Hendrickson - April, May = size #14
March Brown - May = size #10, 12
Brown Drakes - May, June = size #8, 10 to x long
Cream Midges - June = size #18 to 22
Other Midges - May through November = size #18 to 28
Sulphurs - May, June = size #16
Light Cahill - May, June = size #14, 16
Blue Winged Olives - April through December = size #18 to 24
Pale Evening Dun - May through July = sizes #14 to 22
Caddis - April through October = #12 to 22
Isonychia - May through October = size #12, 16

Two for One

Once again we are giving a free sponsorship to anyone that recruits two new sponsors. Ask your friends, ask your neighbors, ask anybody that might care about the mighty Lehigh. Remember to tell them about our contest and the great prizes they can receive if they join the cause. Come one, come all, and come have a ball.


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The LRSA in Action

We like stocking the Lehigh River with trout. Help us stock a lot more trout, join today.

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