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We encourage all sponsors to attend the stated meeting of the LRSA. Meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month at the Walnutport VFW on Cherry Street in Walnutport at 8:00 PM.

LRSA Officers:

President: Matt MacConnell, 610-657-2707
Vice President: Greg Gliwa
Secretary: open
Treasurer: Tom Gyory
Memberships: Colleen Miller 610-760-1367
Advertising Sales: Open
Webmaster and Newsletter Editor: Matt MacConnell

LRSA Board of Directors:

Gary Klein

Todd Woodring
Tom Gyory
Greg Gliwa
Matt MacConnell
James Albert
Jim Scherer
Jim Deeble
David Carl


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Lehigh River Hatch Chart
The Hatch


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Mission Statement
The Lehigh River Stocking Association is a nonprofit, 501C-3 public organization dedicated to the restoration, revitalization and restocking of the Lehigh River. Our goal is the continuous improvement of this waterway and its tributaries. Our objectives are to insure clean water, a healthy and balanced ecosystem, an abundant fishery and access points for all citizens to enjoy. This will be to the benefit of all interests; including the businesses located throughout this region, the sportsmen and the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This project has been ongoing for two decades with great success. We need and ask for your support for this outstanding program to continue.

Lunkerfest 2012 was successful with over 160 registered anglers and 35 prizes distributed in order of size. About 100 tagged trout were released and any tags returned to LRSA by the June 26th meeting will be included in a drawing for additional prizes (LRSA sponsorship required). Congratulations to Josh Eichler for the largest trout - a 18 3/4" rainbow. The four 25+ trout (2 rainbow, brown and tiger) were not caught during the contest and are still out there. Video below is of Josh reeling in the winning trout. Thanks to all the participants and our sponsors (Rivers Adventures, Skinner's Lehigh River, Angler's Pro Shop, Wack'em Guide Service, River Walck Saloon, Willie Marx's Bait and Tackle, Archery @ the Glen, Cabellas, AF Boyers Hardware, Wildlands Conservancy, Delaware Shad Fishermans Assoc., Bo's Wildlife and Taxidermy, Coplay News Agency Bait and Tackle, Chamberlains Fishing and Outdoor, Wayne's Custom Crafted Rods, Rita's Ice (Vince).

Photo below of Paul Davidson (owner of Skinner Lehigh River guided float service) with 25" 7 or 8 lb rainbow trout caught on a silver/black rapala two days after Lunkerfest2012. Paul was a sponsor of one of our grand prizes, a float trip for two, and we are glad to see he landed this trophy trout.

In-Season Stocking scheduled for Saturday May 26th - truck 1 to meet at Northampton pavillion at 10 am (Canal St, off 329 directly after the Lehigh River bridge, down about 1 mile on right). This truck will stock between here and Slatington stopping at Lauries, Triechlers, Walnutport and Slatington. Truck 2 to meet at Jim Thorpe train station parking lot at 10 am and will stock fish from there to Packerton, Lehighton, Parryville, Bowmanstown and Palmerton.


Lunkerfest 2012 Location

Army Corps Press Release for 2012 Francis Walter Dam Recreational White Water Release Plans DOWNLOAD 2012 FEW PLAN

2011 Fall Drawing/Fundraiser Results

The fall tickets were drawn at the LRSA board meeting on 29Nov2011. I apologize for misspelled names (some tickets were hard to read). Thanks everyone for this fundraiser. 1. Mercedes S. ($100), 2. Tom Zukovich, Schnecksville (Turkey), 3. Mike Pranick, ittstown ($25), 4. Tom Zukovich (turkey), 5. Nathan Shivas ($25), 6. Gary Klein (turkey), 7. Robert L. Christman ($25), 8. Shirley Green, Lehighton (Turkey), 9. Carl + Lucile Albright ($50), 10. Dave Ammon, Lehighton (turkey), 11. Steve Petri, Chafon ($50), 12. Charles Snyder, Slatington ((turkey), 13. Mike Sulga ($25), 14. Ahois Krajcirovic (turkey), 15. George Spencer, Bath ($25), 16. Dan Turner ((turkey), 17. Sal ($25), 18. John Stanko, Lansford (turkey), 19. Ken Kauffman ($100), 20. Margaret Zeman, Barnsville (turkey).

LRSA is Raising Sponsorship Prices -

The LRSA board has voted to raise the sponsorship fees to help keep up with increasing costs associated with purchasing trout. The LRSA rates have been at the current level for at least 10 years. The new rates will be effective for the 2012 season (January to December 2012). BASIC SPONSORSHIP $15 --> $20. SILVER SPONSORSHIP $30 --> $40. GOLD SPONSORSHIP $50 --> $60. PLATINUM SPONSORSHIP $50 --> $100. LIFE TIME SPONSORSHIP $150 --> $250. DIAMOND SPONSORSHIP $100 --> $500. The LRSA is also adding a new category of sponsorship: JUNIOR SPONSORSHIP (13 and under) $5.

LRSA Collaborates with Lehigh Valley Sierra Club and Wildlands Conservancy to install passive aerators at the Lausanne Tunnel abandoned mine drainage (AMD) site in Jim Thorpe. See report which shows how dissolved oxygen levels were increased from 10% to 15%. This increased aeration in the aerobic wetland treatment system will increase the amount of heavy metals (iron and manganese) that is settled and trapped in the wetland before entering the river.

Fall Stocking completed Sunday 25Sep11. 1/2 truck (400 fish) at Northampton below dam, 1/2 truck at Walnutport Canal pavililon. 2nd truck stocked 1/2 truck at Bowmanstown East Penn Boat launch (musky pool) and 2nd 1/2 at Jim Thorpe train station parking lot. Brown trout were 12-13" , Brook trout 14-17", Rainbow 14-19".

March 2012 _LRSA Newsletter

September2011_LRSA Newsletter

July2011_LRSA Newsletter



Four days after Lunkerfest Joe Gocek (above left) caught this 26" 7lb 3 oz rainbow and his dad, Tom Gocek, caught the 27.5in 12 lb rainbow 12 days later. Bowmanstown has provided some trophy fishing this year, thanks to all who supported the LRSA Lunkerfest.

Jim Thorpe, Packerton and Lehighton stocked with 700 14-18" trout, mostly brown trout, some rainbow on Saturday 18Jun11.

The boat launch area in JT parking lot recieved 1/3rd of the fish, 1/3rd at Packerton (2-stops, straight in to river and down 50 yards to pump station), 1/3rd at Lehighton (2-stops, Dunbar's beach and down 100 yrds at the picnic area). Great time putting the fish in and now it is up to you all to catch them. A good number of 17-18 inch fish, average 14inch. Check out the colors on the hook jaw brown below. He is swimming in Packerton.


Lunker Fest held successfully on June 4th. There are still dozens of trophy fish in the river so get out there!

1st prize Gregg Kovach -26" rainbow (pictured below left), 2nd place Rob Yost - 18-1/4", 3rd place Quinn Horn 18" palamino, 4th place Mark Bollinger 17-3/4", 5th place Skip Rothermel and Alec DeLong 16" (tie), 6th place Jeff Gallager 15-1/2" and John Souders 15.5" (tie), 7th place Kenny Bretz - 14-1/2", 8th place Gary Knaver 14", 9th Larry Read 13-1/4", 10th place Joe Mucka and Cody Bowman 13" (tie), 12th place Chris Green 12.5". Winners selected prizes they like and all other 25 prizes were raffled off. Thanks to all the sponsors and participants. This lunker fest was attended by over 200 contestants and the event and trout stocked was fully funded by the proceeds from the event!

WALNUTPORT/SLATINGTON stocked on SUNDAY JUNE 5th at 10:00. Lots of 17-18" fish.

SPRING DRAWING 2011 - Spring drawing raffle was done and winners notified. Thank you for all who particpated in this fund raiser! The list of winners follows but many of the names were very hard to read and most did not state the town. Good thing the phone numbers were good! Here are names: $100 Sheela Laurcen, $50 Rodney Reeser, Bowmanstown, $25 Dan Geocek, $50 Jim Potunik , $25 Dan Schaffer, $50 Bud Kulanka, $25 George Hellings, $50 David Gasnick, $25 Patty Latsch, Bethlehem, $100 Joselin Delong, Slatington.

Recap of earlier stockings in 2011 - Generous sponsorships were received so we need to convert those dollars to trout and get them in the river. The LRSA board has voted to stock two trucks on Friday evening May 27th. Truck 1 met at Rockhill in Parryville at 6:30 pm to stock from there down to Palmerton. Truck 2 met at Walnutport Main St bridge at 6:30 pm to stock from Bertsch Creek to Slatington. Plan to stock 12-14 in class Brown and triploid Rainbow.

Contact LRSA - We want to know if you have questions, would like to comment on our programs or please also let us know if you have any complaints, we want to keep improving the organization. Our email is Lehigh.River.Stocking.Association@gmail.com

March 2011 Newsletter

May 1st Stocking completed - Truck 1 covered Glen Onoko to Lehighton and Truck 2 covered Parryville to Palmerton (photos)

April 3rd Stocking a Success - Truck 1 Northampton to Triechlers and truck 2 Walnutport to Slatington

Photos of Apr 3rd 2011 Stocking Northampton to Triechlers

Treichlers 2011


2010 Fall Drawing Winners - Thanks to everyone who supported LRSA by buying fall drawing tickets. The winners from the November 30th drawing were: $200 - Dan Kintz, Bowmanstown; $25 - Shane Becker, Bowmanstown;, $25 - Elain Ezbiansky, Macungie; $25 - Bob Dunstan, Lansford; $50 - Kyle Scherer, Lehighton; $50 - Daniel Schaffer, Northampton; $25 - J.S.Cooke, Eason; $25 - Jim and Mary Kuchock, Kaska; $25 - Tom ??? Unable to contact him (be sure to put your contact info on the ticket!); $100 - D. Lakatosh, Walnutport

PLEASE RENEW YOUR LRSA SPONSORSHIPS FOR 2011 - Your sponsorship funds go directly to paying for trout stocking in the Lehigh, where all your favorite pools between Jim Thorpe and Northampton are replenished with beautiful trout. Go to the JOIN tab to join on-line or print out the form and mail it in. Thanks for your support.

Thank you to Air Products and Chemicals for their generous 2011 contribution of $2,000 to support the LRSA water qaulity program. LRSA submitted grant application ($186,000) to US Fish and Wildlife for fishway at Parryville Dam. Unfortunately, the Growing Greener grant application ($50,000) we made was not successful, this was to study to improve performance of the Lausanne Tunnel AMD passive wetland treatment system and to address the untreated bypass flow in Nesquehoning Borrough (north of Jim Thorpe). This study will use flow data obtained from the flow devices LRSA installed last year with grant funds from Sierra Club. A third grant was also submitted ($21,000) to the US Fish and Wildlife for a Lehigh River water quality monitoring system to be installed in the Palmerton Area (intended to be on-line, like the one we have in Jim Thorpe) - but unfortunately the Palmerton water quality grant request was not accepted.

New: A four year profile of Lehigh River water temperatures - 2006,2007,2008 and 2009

MARCELLUS SHALE HYDROFRACKING ISSUE - The hydrofracturing of the marcellus shale by gas drilling operations threatens the health of the Delaware and Lehigh rivers. The threats are multiple and include: 1) huge volumes of pristine headwaters are extracted for the operation, from 2 to 5 million gallons per well. 2) the toxic chemicals injected into the water are not disclosed (Haliburton Loophole) and it is understood that some of this is cancer causing. 3) some of the fracing liquid comes out of the well and must be held in sealed ponds. The liquid is toxic to fish and people and is not treatable in waste water plants. It is possible that this toxic fluid will contaminate surface waters and well water supplies. On the other hand, probably some jobs for out of state folks and natural gas production is probably good. On balance though, the deal seems more threatening than it is worth, at least until enforceable regulations are in place. Lets hope DRBC does their job in protecting the watershed from this new "gold rush". - opinions of Matt MacConnell, LRSA President.

Link to Gasland trailer -


Under water video


LRSA Social Event Held 12Jun2010 - Click for Photos and Lunker Video

Some stocking photos are provided for your interest. Top - Bill Derhammer sports a tiger trout (brook, brown hybrid) caught in the Jim Thorpe area June 2nd. Above John Unger holds nice brown while John Berry keeps a tight line on Tom Gyory's boat between Walnutport and Rockdale, blue winged olives everywhere Tom says.


Water Quality Data On-Line

Using grant funds, the LRSA has developed an on-line water quality monitoring system and has had the system deployed this in Jim Thorpe since 2009. Prior to the on-line system a different monitor was installed there so LRSA has 6 years of water quality data at Jim Thorpe. It is possible to go into the link below and look back from 2009 to the present to see data. There are some gaps in the data due to malfunctions and the fact that the probe is taken out of the river between September and March.

With sufficient data now from Jim Thorpe, the LRSA has relocated the probe to Palmerton, about 2 miles below Lizard Creek and will begin monitoring this reach of the river and see how it compares to Jim Thorpe in terms of good quality trout water. The probe was installed at Palmerton on March 4th, 2012.


User Name: Lehigh River
Password: LRSA
(note, case sensitive)
Expand the subdirectories by clicking the + until the measurements are
listed.  Click on the parameter of interest and the trend will be
charted and data values tabulated.  Click on the "properties" tab to
select the time window and/or to add multiple parameters to your charts.
The data can be easily exported to Excel (csv file) by clicking the
export tab or printed directly.


Lehigh River Hatch Chart

courtesy of Brian Tartar, Silver Springs Outfitters . Stay tuned for results of the macro-invertebrate study!



    • Saturday May 8th Successfull - Truck 1: 9am @ Northampton Pavillion (off Canal Street below Cementon dam); Truck 2: 9am @ Walnutport Main St Bridge
      • Sunday May 23rd - Truck 1: 9am @ Glen Onoko; Truck 2: 9am @ Lehighton at Dunbar Beverage parking lot.
      • Thursday June 10th - 1 truck: 7:45pm at Parryville Rockhill parking area (did Parryville, Bowmanstown and Palmerton).Parryville, Bowmanstown and Palmerton were stocked the evening of June 10th. Nice average 13" rainbows, some browns, some 17 inchers. Water temperature was about 66 deg F but the fish seemed to do fine.
    • 2010 Pre-Season (one week ahead of dual openers) Trout Stocking Big Success! -
      • Lower section - March 27 at 9am LRSA stocked from Northampton Pavillion up to the dam, Laureys Station and Treichlers with average 15" Rainbow and Brown trout, average 12 inch Brook trout. Beautiful fish, great color. Thanks to those who came out to help out. Pictures will be available in a couple days.all the way up to Slatington. The 2nd Truck 2 met @ Walnutport Main St bridge at 9am and stocked Slatington and Walnutport also with 15" average Rbow and Brown and 12" avg Brookies. BONUS - 6 20+ inch Browns were stocked in both the Triechlers/Lauries and in the Walnutport/Slatington areas! A couple examples at left.
      • Upper Section - April 10, got to the Glen a little early (~8:35) sorry about that! Stocked 14-16 inch brown and bows, 12" brookies from the Glen, through Jim Thorpe (at access area by parking lot and up above the gate about 1/2 mile), then down along the Packerton stretch then finished up at Dunbars in Lehighton. 4 or 5 big fish (25+ bow and brown) released. 2nd truck met at Parryville about 8:45 and stocked behind Rock Hill and at the confluence with Pohopoco, then Bowmanstown 895 bridge, then new boat ramp (East Penn pool). New this year we traveled down the D&L trail on the west bank all the way down to 873. Lots more access to prime river which is normally hard to get to with 248 traffic. Lots of help at both trucks. Thanks everyone enjoy!!
      • We did tag about 6 fish in each area. If you catch a tagged fish, please contact LRSA with: species, date and place caught, whether fish was released, the lure used. We will enter the tag numbers into a drawing at the June meeting and will draw donated prizes (tbd).

If you havent renewed your sponsorship



We are low on sponsors this year for some reason and will not be able to meet LRSA stocking targets without your support.

Tight Lines.

LRSA Video Clips

June 2nd, 2007 Fishing Clip at Glen Onoko

Francis E Walter Dam Release Schedule - for details go to the Links Below. These are the presentations or press releases made to the public by the Army Corp of Engineers.

River Flow Rates - Click on the Link Below for Real Time Flows



Lehigh River Fisheries Management Plan
May 1, 2007
Prepared by:
David A. Arnold and Daryl J. Pierce
Fisheries Management Area 5
Division of Fisheries Management
Bureau of Fisheries
Pennsylvania Fish

Lehigh River named Pennsylvania’s ‘River of the Year'

DCNR Secretary Michael DiBerardinis this week named the Lehigh River as the commonwealth’s River of the Year for 2007.

Lehigh RiverThe designation recognizes the watershed’s role in eastern Pennsylvania history and its promising recreational future. The Lehigh River drains portions of 10 counties and stretches more than 100 miles.

“The Lehigh River is alive and thriving, with water quality better now than it has been the last 150 years,” DiBerardinis said. “There are scores of partners working to preserve, protect and enhance this great state resource, and its resurgence has pumped new life into the communities surrounding it.

“Once a historic transportation corridor for coal bound from Carbon and Luzerne counties to Philadelphia, New York and beyond, the Lehigh River helped fuel America’s Industrial Revolution,” DiBerardinis said. “Now, mountain bikers, hikers and hunters are seen where mules and canal barges hauled coal and other cargo. Where dams once contained the mighty river, anglers in great number now seek trout, American shad and other species found in a healthy waterway.”

DCNR annually designates a “River of the Year” to applaud local residents, governments, non-profit and conservation organizations working to improve waterways and the quality of life in their watersheds across the state.

The Lehigh River winds 104 miles from its headwaters near Gouldsboro, Wayne County, to its junction with the Delaware River in Easton, Northampton County. Its watershed drains Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Lackawanna, Lehigh, Luzerne, Monroe, Northampton, Schuylkill and Wayne counties. The Lehigh is the Delaware’s second largest tributary.


LRSA Feedback: Send your comments and suggestions.

Our Email: Lehigh.River.Stocking.Association@gmail.com

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