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Mission Statement
The Lehigh River Stocking Association is a nonprofit, 501C-3 public organization dedicated to the restoration, revitalization and restocking of the Lehigh River. Our goal is the continuous improvement of this waterway and its tributaries. Our objectives are to insure clean water, a healthy and balanced ecosystem, an abundant fishery and access points for all citizens to enjoy. This will be to the benefit of all interests; including the businesses located throughout this region, the sportsmen and the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This project has been ongoing for the last 21 years with ever-increasing success. We need and ask for your support for this outstanding program to continue.

We encourage all sponsors to attend the stated meeting of the LRSA. Meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month at the Wegmans Cafe in Allentown on Tilghman Street from 7 to 9pm. Thank you.

Email us your fishing photo's. Just attach your photo in any image format. This page was just updated. Send photos in any picture file format to:

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Lehigh River Hatch Chart
The Hatch


LRSA Social and Fishing Event 12Jun10 - A good time had by all

Above: Al Boyer receives the 1st Annual LRSA Sponsorship Appreciation Award for generous support from the beginning. (from left: Jim Albert, Shane Becker, Al Boyer, Matt MacConnell, Joe Mazurek, Tom Gyory, Greg Gliwa.

LRSA Releasing 1 of two 29-30" mother of all rainbows into Pohopoco Creek in Parryville (~50 yards from Lehigh River Confluence).

Underwater video of this lunker below; and at the other extreme, Shane Becker holds up a fine brown trout finclipped fingerling!

John Synder demonstrates his secret nightcrawler hookup to John Berry and Bob Wescott

Fly fisherman lining up while spectators observe technique while helping to point out location of rising trout.

from left: Ed Nestor, Ed's son, Greg Gliwa, John Berry. Picture above right - Lil-Lenny Gliwa receives pointers/commentary from spectators above.

from left: Carl Gustafson, Paul Davidson, Norm Green, Matt MacConnell. Norm Green has been a faithful sponsor for many moons and

resides in Lehighton. He is now in his 80's and is one of 12 siblings who grew up within 100 yrds of this spot in Parryville where they used

to fish for large cat fish in the Lehigh and the river ran black. Thanks to Norm and many like him for their help making the Lehigh what it is today.

from left: John Berry, Charles Sterner, Kieth Roberts, Lil Lenny Gliwaa, Tom Gyory

The gentleman above with the yellow hat (I'm sorry I have forgotten this sponsor's name) came to learn more about fly fishing from the demonstrations.

He has 3 fly rods and said he was ready to trade them in because he cant catch fish with them. However, he had some great methods for spin fishing!

He uses a needle to thread a salmon egg down and seated on a small treble hook. Also, he uses the tab end of where the snell hook attaches to the line to

attach his split shot. In this way, when the split shot inevetably gets stuck on bottom, the shot can slide right off the tab end. Cool tip!


Good News - The PFBC has received 159,000 from NOAA and American Rivers for a study directed toward removal of dams on Lehigh and other area rivers. On the Lehigh this will target Lafarge and Hamilton St dams in Allentown and Easton and Chain dams in Easton.
The LRSA mourns the sad passing of Mark Zovak, a long time supporter of the LRSA and original creator of our web site. Mark loved the Lehigh River and did much to support the recovery of the trout fishery, we will miss him and owe his legacy a huge debt of gratitude.
LRSA is interested in your comments or suggests for this site. Please send us your email
Texas Holdem was held on Sat March 6, 2010 at Coplay Saengerbund, thanks to the 20 players that came out and to Bob Wescott, Jim Albert and Tom Gyory for organizing the event.. Congratulations to Bill Hall for taking the $250 first prize and for his generation donation of $100 back to LRSA! Congratulations also to Janiel Curtis and Bill Scherr for taking 2nd and third prizes ($150 and $95). The Saengerbund was an excellent host and the food, beverages and services were great. We hope to do a better job advertizing our next Texas Holdem event - watch for announcement in nexty newsletter in May.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc in Allentown has awarded the LRSA with a $1,500 donation in support of the LRSA water quality program. Many thanks to Air Products.

A $5,000 grant was awarded from Sierra Club for installation of flow datalogging at the Lausanne Tunnel abandoned mine drainage (AMD) in Jim Thrope. Two open channel flow devices will be installed with dataloggers to develop engineering data required to develop engineering plans for treatment of the AMD discharge currently flowing untreated into Nesquehoning Creek (and then the Lehigh).

$10,000 Grant Awarded to LRSA - We are pleased to announce that in June 2008 our grant application to purchase a new water quality probe that will enable streaming water quality data to the Internet was approved. The new probe is already deployed in Jim Thorpe and our conservation team expects that water quality data will be available on line sometime this summer. The new probe features the following water quality measurements: temperature, depth, dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), Nitrates and self cleaning turbidity. We are pleased to have purchased the state-of-the-art DO probe that uses a luminescence rather than a galvanic technique, this will provide more reliable and accurate DO measurements with less maintenance.

The system was put on line on March 1, 2009 and is available at the
following web site link:


User Name: Lehigh River
Password: LRSA
(note, case sensitive)
Expand the subdirectories by clicking the + until the measurements are
listed.  Click on the parameter of interest and the trend will be
charted and data values tabulated.  Click on the "properties" tab to
select the time window and/or to add multiple parameters to your charts.
The data can be easily exported to Excel (csv file) by clicking the
export tab or printed directly.

Air Products Donation - In September 2007, a grant of $2,500 was provided to LRSA in support of our water quality program. Specifically it is to be used to support our vision of bringing the water quality data on-line for real time viewing by the public. Thanks to Air Products!! These funds were used to purchase a cellular modem for the project noted above. The unit is on order - stay tuned for results!

Matt MacConnell joined more than 100 other river advocates from around the country for River Action Day in Washington DC on June 18, 2008. Matt had the opportunity to meet with Congressman Dent and Murphy as well as the staffs from Congressman Kanjorsky and Carney. Also met with staff of Senators Specter and Casey. Matt made a point to each of them of the importance of the Lehigh River and Watershed. More information on this trip will be provided separately. Pictured below at left Matt with US Congressman Dent (District 15) on the Capitol steps and at right with Dale Hall, Director of US Fish and Wildlife.

New officers elected to LRSA:

Matt MacConnell - President; Greg Gliwa - Vice President; Tom Gyory - Treasurer. New board members - Ken Mack and Greg Gliwa.

Thanks to Bill Derhammer for excellent service as President and to Todd Woodring for outstanding job as Treasurer. Also, many thanks to Fred Foster for his many years of active participation - he has been involved since the beginning of LRSA and a board member over the last 5 or so years. - tight lines!

Salmon River Fishing trip raffle tickets are being sent out with the June 2008 Newsletter. This is a great fishing experience. Good luck with the raffle!

Great News - Lausanne Tunnel Abandoned Mine Remediation Performance

is Improving - see REPORT from Wildlands Conservancy


PressRelease (date of visit September 24, 25, 2007)

Thanks to Joe Vivenzio of River Run Troutfitters and Greg Boyd of Rivers Edge Guide Service for their generous donation of two Salmon River N.Y. Fishing Trips. Two lucky prize winners were drawn.

Fall Stocking 2007 - Float Stocking Video; Bowmanstown to Walnutport

2007 FALL STOCKING Went Very Well- The LRSA stocked about 8000, 5-7 inch Brown trout fingerlings on Saturday November 3rd. Float stocking using 2 drift boats from Glen Onoko to Walnutport. The stocking locations are provided below. Thanks for your support.

9 AM - 1st truck met boat #1 at Glen Onoko next to parking lot at the river bank. Drift boat float stock to Jim Thorpe.

9:30 - 10:00 - 1st truck will meet boat #1 again at Jim Thorpe train station parking lot. Drift boat float stocked to Lehighton (at beach area behind Dunbar's Beverage distributor)

9 AM - 2nd truck met boat #2 at Bowmanstown (below 895 bridge). Float stocked to the the Wildlife Information Center (WIC) at the gap (just above the 873 bridge).

~11:00 - 1st truck refilled with trout and met boat #2 at the Wildlife Information Center (WIC) and float stocked down to Walnutport (main street bridge).

Lehigh River Stocking Association News

Videos Available!
LRSA Access Points, Directions and Good Trout Stocking Footage

Sales have been brisk with all proceeds going to support the fishery. Please purchase your copy and get a tour of the LRSA stocking locations and hot fishing locations.
The LRSA has produced a video that provides footage of the stocking locations and river access points. We have included footage of the drive from the main road to the area, the walk down to the river and a panoramic view of the fishing area.
Stocking points in all four areas from Northampton Canal Park all the way to Glen Onoko State Park in the greater Jim Thorpe area. To order a video please contact Matt at 610-657-2707.

Let Us Know if you think LRSA should run Another Tagging Contest

Tagging Programs—The LRSA has done a number of stocking programs in the past. We have tagged 100 Steelhead (gray tag) to try and learn more about their migratory abilities, we have tagged 100 (green tag) Brown Trout fingerlings to see if we could document holdover, we conducted a contest with 100 tagged (blue tag) fish where dollar values were associated with each tag—22 of these fish were caught and prizes given (total of $2,000 in play). All tags used by LRSA over the last few years have been the plastic “spaghetti” type that attach just below the dorsal fin. People catching a tagged trout are directed to report it to Joe Mazurek at 610-360-2066. The most incredible catch was when a tagged Tiger (brook-brown) hybrid was caught in the Delaware about 1 month after stocking in the Bowmanstown area. The tag returns are fairly low percentage (< 30%) however and the data has not been very conclusive. The contest also did not appear to help with our sponsor sign up rate. So the board is leaning away from tagging programs at the moment. On the other hand, if LRSA sponsors would like LRSA to run another contest or to continue with trying to establish trout travel patterns then please let us know!
Please contact Matt MacConnell at 610-657-2707 (or other board members) if you believe we should continue with tagging programs and what type of program you would like to see.

Matt MacConnell


The Pa Fish and Boat Commission held a fisheries management meeting August 31, 2006. The meeting was sponsored by Commissioner Fred Osifat. Presenters from the PFBC were Dave Arnold and Leroy Young. The LRSA was represented by Dean Druckenmiller and Bill Derhammer. Points of discussion were the FEW and how that is being managed for flood control, white water releases and fisheries management. The PFBC did ask for input from the LRSA. We reported on our stocking program, how long we have stocked trout, number of fish and how our tagging program has worked. We also reported on the ability of the trout to find thermal refuges during periods of low water and higher temperatures. We know that our fall brown fingerling program is working. The LRSA requested that the PFBC stop stocking walleye and muskies north of Northampton. The PFBC plans to continue to stock walleye from Sandy Run downstream to the confluence of the Delaware until 2009 in order to get measurable results. The PFBC wants to provide more fishing opportunities in the Lehigh with more species of fish. The LRSA suggested that rather than stock walleyes and muskies let the smallmouth bass that are becoming abundant continue to re-populate the Lehigh. We also asked that the PFBC stock fingerling trout from Sandy Run down to Palmerton. The section from FEW to Sandy Run is being stocked by the PFBC. The PFBC did listen to our concerns. Let’s hope they will take our concerns to heart and manage the Lehigh for what it could become, the premier fishing destination in the East. We know the potential of our lovely Lehigh.

Stocking Strategy—Your Comments and Suggestions Welcomed

The LRSA board works hard to spread the trout we stock in a fair and equitable way. Thanks to the volunteers who show up at the stocking locations, we have enough manpower to spread them out in each area pretty well.
Here is an example of how we spread the fish on one stocking day this spring in Area 3. A total of 17 tubs of trout (approx 14 fish per tub) were spread out in Lehighton from below Dunbar’s to several locations below the Packerton dip access point. A total of 10 tubs were spread out in Jim Thorpe along the parking area above the train station up to the 933 bridge. Finally, 2 tubs were put in at Glen Onoko followed by 4 tubs about 1/2 mile up into the Gorge.
We would like to please all the people but as you can imagine it is difficult. The board believes it is important to get the fish in at areas that have good access to our sponsors. It remains a mystery how far the fish move after being stocked, whether Rainbows travel more than Brownies or the other way around. There are a lot of theories on this but our tagging programs were largely inconclusive on this question.
The board sincerely appreciates your sponsorship because this enables more fish for the river and more happy anglers all season long. Still we would like to hear from you and if you have comments or suggestions, please contact Matt MacConnell at 610-657-2707 or any other board member (names and numbers at the end of the newsletter).

Matt MacConnell, LRSA


Datasonde 3 Hydroprobes LRSA's, Datasonde 3 Hydroprobes at Northampton. We now have probes in the river 24/7 monitoring pH, Dissolved Oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, and level. Matt MacConnell removes the probe on right for data download. The clean probe on left will take it's place for a week of water quality monitoring. See more on our Watershed Information page.

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