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A fly angler tries out his skill in Palmerton.

Two for One
Once again, we are giving a free 2008 sponsorship to anyone that recruits two new sponsors. Ask your friends, ask your neighbors, ask anybody that might care about the mighty Lehigh. Come one, come all, and come have a ball.

LRSA Hats & T-Shirts...
They look great and show you support the Lehigh River restoration efforts. The hats have embroidered lettering and brook trout. The t-shirts are printed on both sides. View Riverwear

LRSA Officers:

President: Matt MacConnell
Vice President: Greg Gliwa
Secretary: Open
Treasurer: Tom Gyory
Memberships: Gary Klein
Advertising Sales: Vince Spaits
Webmaster and Newsletter Editor: Matt MacConnell

LRSA Board of Directors:
Greg Gliwa
Matt MacConnell
Tom Gyory
Chuck Morgenstern

Gary Klein

Dave Carl

Jim Deeble

Vince Spaits

Karl Imdorf

We encourage all sponsors to attend the stated meeting of the LRSA. Meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month at the Wegmans Market Cafe on Tilghman St in Allentown at 7apm

Mission Statement
The Lehigh River Stocking Association is a nonprofit, 501C-3 public organization dedicated to the restoration, revitalization and restocking of the Lehigh River. Our goal is the continuous improvement of this waterway and its tributaries. Our objectives are to insure clean water, a healthy and balanced ecosystem, an abundant fishery and access points for all citizens to enjoy. This will be to the benefit of all interests; including the businesses located throughout this region, the sportsmen and the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This project has been ongoing for the last sixteen years with ever-increasing success. We need and ask for your support for this outstanding program to continue.

LRSA's, Datasonde 3 Hydroprobes
Datasonde 3 Hydroprobes
We now have probes in the river 24/7 monitoring pH, Dissolved Oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, and level at Northampton. Matt MacConnell (see photo) removes the probe on right for data download. The clean probe on left will take it's place for a week of water quality monitoring. See more on our Watershed Information page.

Email us your fishing photo's.
Just attach your photo in any image format. And send to: webmaster@lrsa.org

Lehigh River Hatch Chart
The Hatch


LRSA Photo Gallery

Send your fishing or Lehigh River related photo's to:LRSA's email
Photo's can be attached to email in the following extensions: .jpg, .jpeg, ,bmp, .gif and .tif

The Lehigh River below Lehighton. We need your support to continue to stock the Lehigh River. Join Today

You can have your photo's here. Send them to: LRSA's email

Another view of the Lehigh River. The river is 107 miles long and around every bend is a new adventure.

Fly fishing at Bowmanstown. Is there a better way to spend a day? You can help make many of these days possible by joining today.

You can have your photo's here. Send them to: webmaster@lrsa.org

The Lehigh River above Jim Thorpe at Glen Onoko. The gorge above this area is a must see and fishing it is even better.

Here a angler wades out into the Lehigh River to reach his favorite spot.

You can have your photo's here. Send them to: webmaster@lrsa.org

A nice brown trout landed on a frift boat trip. There are a lot of ways you can fish the Lehigh River.

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