Did You Know?

It costs the LRSA $6.50 to stock a 14 inch trout, a 16 inch trout costs $15.40, and a 20 inch fish costs more than $32.50. 

Did you know that the LRSA operates and maintains a pollution treatment site near the confluence of Nesquehoning Creek and the Lehigh River.  The site was originally established by the PA Wildlands Conservancy in 2004.  This abandoned mine drainage (AMD) treatment site helps prevent heavy metals from entering and damaging the Lehigh River Watershed. 

Did you know that the LRSA sued the ARMY Corps of Engineers in 2003 for failing to operate the Francis Walter Dam in an ecologically responsible manner.  Even though LRSA lost the suite, public opinion and the desire to avoid further legal engagements prompted the ACE to adopt a minimum flow standard for the Lehigh River.